Saturday, June 7, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Well we made it home safe and sound.  Really not a lot to report.  The trip back was uneventful (again - just the way we like!) and everything quickly went back to normal.  Michele and I were exhausted when we got home on Thursday afternoon, but nothing a good night's sleep in our own bed could not cure.  Unfortunately, Michele picked up an eye infection and that same afternoon we had to take her to the optometrist (a big thank-you to Dr. Verbeck at Harmony Eyecare for getting her in at the last minute!)

While I am saying thank you, there are a couple of more thank-you's that need to be sent out.  Thank you to my mom for coming down and taking care of Ella while we were in Indy, Thank you to all the wonderful people at the Ronald McDonald House in Indy, and thank you to my good friend Becca who saw that we were going to Indy and called us while we were on the road and offered to let us come and stay with her and her family while we were there.  Thank you also (of course) to Dr. Hoyer and all of the nurses, staff, and everyone at Riley who do such an incredible job.  I even want to give a shout-out to the really cool lady who worked in the parking garage.  She was so nice and so friendly - she was a great example and representative of the wonderful people at Riley.

Max is doing great.  He is running and jumping and acting like a nut, and you would never know that anything happened.  He was very glad to see Ella, and I think Ella was really glad to see him too.  They ran around like little buddies as soon as he got home and it was good to see them together again.

In talking with Dr. Hoyer right before we were discharged, he said that based on what he saw,. and on Max's size, he would expect that it will be about two or three years before he outgrows the conduit and it needs to be replaced.  In the meantime, the angioplasty and stent they put in should do it's job, and barring any unforseen events, he does not expect that Max will need to go back up there for anything until it's time to replace the conduit. 

While it's true that eventually Max will need to go back to Riley, and next time it will probably be for the conduit replacement, which is far more serious than the cath he just went through, that is a worry for another day.  For now, we're just going to enjoy having our little boy.

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